[QooApp Exclusive] "BLEACH Kyo·kai Reiatsu Taiketsu" Gift Code!
BLEACH Kyo·kai Reiatsu Taiketsu [QooApp Exclusive] "BLEACH Kyo·kai Reiatsu Taiketsu" Gift Code!
Time 2019-08-28 00:00 ~ 2020-01-01 00:00
Gift Diamond*30
Rice ball*5
Participants 408 / 1000

Users can receive QooApp Exclusive gift pack in the game "BLEACH Kyo·kai Reiatsu Taiketsu" after installing! σ(´∀`*)

Exchange guide:

Install game and enter the game main screen→Click the top right user icon→ Click "Setting(系統設置)"→Click "Gift Code(兌換碼)"→Insert the code and get the rewards


1. Each game account can only use 1 code.

2. The deadline of using the code is 31-8-2020 23:59, all code will be invalid after the deadline.

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