《Guardians of Cloudia》 Official Launch Approaching!!
Guardians of Cloudia 《Guardians of Cloudia》 Official Launch Approaching!!
Time 2021-04-28 10:40 ~ 2021-05-26 00:00
Sacred Windbell *1

Participants 1481 / 2004

Pre-register Guardians of Cloudia on QooApp now and receive QooApp Exclusive gift pack in the game when it comes out! σ(´∀`*) 

How to Redeem:

Enter Guardians of Cloudia → click on Benefits → click on "Redeem Codes" → enter the code and click on Redeem button.

Points to Note: 

1. The gift code is only redeemable on Android and can be only used once. 

2. Redeem period: until May/26/2022.

3. After the game is released, you can use the code in the game.

4.Please do not disclose your gift code, otherwise, it may be falsely redeemed by others.

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Guardians of Cloudia Guardians of Cloudia Guardians of Cloudia Release Date: 2021-05 Pre-register
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