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Alchemy Stars Global × QooApp Gift Event ★
Alchemy Stars Global × QooApp Gift Event ★
Time 2022-05-12 14:00 ~ 2022-05-26 14:00
gift code (Green Jasper I ×2, Red Jasper I ×2, Yellow Jasper I ×2, Blue Jasper I ×2, Nightium ×3,000)
Amazon $50 Gift Card*10

Participants 470 / 5000

The event has ended and thank you for all of the participation!
Here are the 10 lucky otaQoos who won "USD50 Amazon Gift Card".

The card code has been sent through in-app notification. Please check it in "Account" > "Notifications".

Dèmønïc Ângel·(28864315)

Hark Sung(462881)




HảiĐông QuanKim(27968709)

Aris Munandar(18422074)

Altheo Phelestine(10397324)

sze wan li (36006289)

Gnivri Ocnarf(64034800)

Alchemy Stars Global × QooApp Gift Event ٩(。・ω・。)و

Comment under this note to get a gift code!

Kakin through Midasbuy to gain a kakin bonus and enter an Amazon $50 gift card lucky draw!

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▊How to get reward

† Reward A

Comment under this note to get a gift code!

Green Jasper I ×2, Red Jasper I ×2, Yellow Jasper I ×2, Blue Jasper I ×2, Nightium ×3,000

(Redeem period:  2022/6/30  23:59 UTC+8)

† Reward B (Kakin)

Kakin through Midasbuy during event period to get related bonus.

For more details, please check the official page.

† Reward C (Lucky Draw)

①Comment your in-game player ID

②Kakin 3,100 gems or above through Midasbuy (~USD36.18)

 Amazon $50 gift card lucky draw for 10 players!

※There are no country restrictions on this gift card. The actual amount received may vary due to exchange rates

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  1. Users are required to comment below the specific note during event to get a gift code. Each user can only get and redeem 1 gift code. (※If you have already comment, please click “Join” and refresh the page to get the code.)

  2. The kakin bonus of Midasbuy will be sent to the in-game account together with the gems. For more details, please check the Midasbuy official page.

  3. The commented player ID must be the same as the kakin ID on Midasbuy. Players must reached the 3,100 gems requirement to be eligible for the Amazon $50 gift card lucky draw. The result will be announced within 7 days after the event on QooApp. 

  4. Anyone violated the QooApp Terms of Service or present improper behaviour including posting sexual, violent, religious, politicial contents or personal attacks, malicious abuse, and maliciously disrupting the lucky draw by creating multiple accounts will be terminated from entry with no further notification.

  5. QooApp reserves all rights to the event.

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