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2nd Round Community Moderator Recruitment!
2nd Round Community Moderator Recruitment!
Time 2022-06-06 14:00 ~ 2022-06-30 23:59
Accepted mods will received QooApp gacha tickets every month

Participants 269

We are going to recruit community moderators again! 

Let's build a friendly environment to enjoy otaku culture in QooApp and get REWARDED on a regular basis!

We are now looking for 5 community moderators for QooApp! As a moderator, you will monitor the community and create a user-friendly environment for the fellow otaQoos! 

Application Duration:

6/6/2022 ~ 30/6/2022 (or when we have 5 suitable applicants)

🔍Our preferences🔍

To maintain the community more efficiently, we prefer users who speak/understand one of the languages besides English as below: 

1. Thai

2. French

3. Indonesian

🔰General Requirements🔰

  • Have enthusiasm for QooApp, follow the QooApp Community guidelines and the admins’ management.

  • Have enough time (more than 2 hours per week) to manage the community section.

🔍Moderator Responsibilities🔍

  • Report inappropriate contents (e.g. sexual, violence, spam and all those that violate QooApp TOS)

  • Answer users’ questions (Optional)

  • Guide new users to use the app properly (Optional)

Please fill in your application here: 


* If applicants are accepted as moderators, they will need to join a discord server and report their jobs every month.

 ⚠️ Q&A ⚠️

Q: What rewards do moderators get?

A: They will receive a “Community Moderator” badge. They are awarded QooApp gacha tickets every month (50 or above). We will also have moderators-limited events from time to time! Better quality of work means more valuable rewards! 

Q: Any evaluation?

A: We will be reviewing all moderators’ work every month. If we find out a mod is slacking off or receive valid reports against the mod, we will take it into account and consider terminating that mod.

⚠️ Attention⚠️

1. QooApp will immediately review an application once received and contact the selected applicants in 14 days upon application. Please consider yourselves not accepted if you have not got a reply within 14 days.

2. Moderators need to be objective with all content and users. QooApp will terminate any moderator if they misuse their rights.

3. QooApp has the right to terminate any moderator if s/he no longer meets the requirement. 

4. QooApp reserves the right to final decision.

[Click here to read Mr. Qoo's note]

Sorry! The event is finished already!

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