Comment on <Diadein> and Get Launch Gift!
Diadein Comment on <Diadein> and Get Launch Gift!
活動時間 2021-02-19 12:00 ~ 2021-05-31 23:55
Dimension Stone*2,300
User brass frame

參與人數 598 / 2000

Comment on <Diadein> to get QooApp exclusive welfare gift Pack! σ(´∀`

How to Redeem:

Enter the game → Click Settings in the upper right → Select Information → Click Coupon Button → Enter Gift Exchange Number

Points to Note: 

1. The gift code is only redeemable on Android and can be only used once. 
2. Redeem period: May 31 2021
3. The code will appear on the event page after you clicked join and commented on the game page.
4. Users can get redeem code no matter what the review score and content are. Be objective!

此活動僅支援從QooApp V7.8.3及以上版本參加,請用QooApp手機版掃描QR code參加! 已在QooApp內請點擊QR code參加!

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