【QooApp Exclusive!】Aurora Legend now available on QooApp!
Aurora Legend 【QooApp Exclusive!】Aurora Legend now available on QooApp!
이벤트 기간 2019-03-13 16:30:00 ~ 2019-04-13 23:59:00
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참가 인원 644 / 2000
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How to redeem:

Go to the redeem address below → Select【REDEEM】page → Enter your【Character ID】and【Reward Code】→ The rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox!

The Redeem Address:https://al.rastargames.com/html/yy_pc/


1. Available for both iOS and Android users, each game ID can only redeem one gift code;

2. Redeem Period: From game launches until 2019/05/13 

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