• 29936 ID:68Kaidou Anone
    She is an energetic and mischievous girl who like the human world and often visit.

  • 29902 ID:34Shimizu Moka
    AirLife 1st Grader, a spirit born in the sea. I like to surf to every corner of the world. One day, I was stranded on the beach of a deserted island, where I got rescued by Komori Mio. To return her favor, I have become a Vtuber!

  • 29913 ID:45Ruofu
    I'm 2nd generation of AirLife and a wolf! I mainly stream games, chats&tarot divination. I share my life with fans with a warm personality and like to chat with fans about their stories! I am playful and outgoing so I often get called husky or fo

  • 29924 ID:56Yumesaki Mia
    Nightmares num nom! You will be capture by my unforgettable voice once you hear it!

  • 29882 ID:14Crucis
    The Holy Virgin Pope of Star of the World. Began a doomed journey to restore the power of the stars.
    If you seek cure, you may be in the right place.
    What I stream: games, chat, karaoke, and art. Like music, stars, and beautiful things.

  • 29938 ID:70Tsubomi Ieneko
    Ciao ~ ♪ I'm a House Cat Vtuber! I do VR and live broadcasts of games using 3D. I started streaming with EN subtitles and CN subtitles! There aren't many people who come to see my stream, so I'd be happy if you could come by and comment!

  • 29907 ID:39TilliLing
    Hello, I'm a loli kitty elf from the planet of cat-bunny! Accidents happen very often to me. My favorites are bubble tea, corn, ruffle&bunnies. Best at rhythm games, Tetris&Catherine: Full Body! Mostly streamed games: APEX, rhythm games&RPGs.

  • 29686 ID:5Kisaragi Sekai
    Hi! My name is Kisaragi Sekai and I'm a guild-master in a guild called Pandemonium!

  • 29917 ID:49Ruth
    AirLife 2nd grader. A tanuki that got lost as a child but a hunter adopted her. Later she died protecting him. Turned into a spirit and wandered for years before Komorimio found her. I want to spread hope and warmth to everyone like the hunter did

  • 29884 ID:16Yumebi Emu
    Demonic idol for all ages. An amalgam of darkness and chaos who likes to interact with humans. Good at dream magic ASMR.
    Put humans to sleep with voices and absorb their energy. Likes to tease the timid ones and arouse their inner desires

  • 29901 ID:33Ukiyo Wayume
    Hi, I am a gentle and kind Baku who quit being a harmful youkai. Like the One Thousand and One Nights, I want to present all the fun stories in the universe to everyone. I hope I can heal you and give you a good night's sleep!

  • 29889 ID:21Healing
    A 5,000 year-old Kitsune that was sealed by an Onmyoji for wreaking havoc in Japan. I sacrificed 8 of my tails to break the seal, and now stay in the human world with low power level. Good at Tarot and relaxing ASMR to put someone to sleep.

  • 29920 ID:52SHOW
    I’m a VTuber from Japan. I like to write novels and short stories. I also like talking and chatting. I do gaming, chatting and all kinds of other streams. I usually just speak in JP but I also know a little bit EN and CHIN. Let’s become friends!

  • 29677 ID:3Hiyochan
    Hello, I'm Hiyochan! I'm an alien baby chicken who likes to play mobile and/or indie games ! Let's have fun !

  • 29900 ID:32Minakami Mata
    I'm the cat youkai, Nekomata. I have slacked off too much and become the otaku youkai. Currently focusing on live game streaming, playing all kinds of games Well, not as frequent as you would like, maybe.

  • 29891 ID:23Tia Miu
    This is Tia Miu, or just Miu for short!
    💜CEO of Mialive💛
    The reincarnation of Tiamat, goddest of the sea, from Mesopotamian myth.
    Now I'm disguised as a goldfish with two little fish companions Ris and Yula.

  • 29685 ID:4Issei Kai
    A French Otaku getting involved in out-of-control summoning magic caused him to become an amnesiac and be taken to an isekai. In this new world, the only thing he would never forget is to stay positive and cheerful throughout his adventures.

  • 29937 ID:69Keiro Kamioka
    I'm a fortune teller and my specialty is tarot cards. I can tell most things at your request. I give fortune-telling advice mainly in JP but I speak EN as well. Every weekend, I invite VTubers and listeners to my fortune-telling stream!

  • 29903 ID:35Wen Ying Meng
    Hello! I'm a blood fairy working as an assassin from the isekai! Also, I'm a member of Poxiaohongyu! My main focus is gaming videos and sometimes chatting or singing. I am not afraid to roast myself, so you can look forwards to my clips!

  • 29905 ID:37Leeming
    Hello~ I'm a wolf youkai in Taiwan that can transform into a person. My clothes are designed to accommodate my wolf-like ears and tail. I like drawing, writing, and gaming. My luck is a bit hit and miss, but I will try to enjoy every moment!

  • 29699 ID:12Yuzuya Miyazaki
    I'm Yuzuya Miyazaki, a god of calamity known as the "Prince of Wolves". Since I'm a voice actor and singer, I make a lot of ASMR content and music. I also play a lot of APEX and my streams are always high energy!

  • 29895 ID:27Asahi Youna
    Hello! I'm a first grader from AirLife, a spirit of light from the blazing sun, and also an 18-yrs-old who is addicted to gaming. I want to make friends with everyone and deliver happiness, most importantly not get mistaken for being a ghos

  • 29923 ID:55Kaduki Mikuru
    I want to learn about the Earth's literature so I visited on a full moon night. I'm a narcissist scholar from the Moon!

  • 29921 ID:53Akatsuki Ban Mai
    Nya haro Hoomantachi~~~I'm Ban Mai aka Banchou from Pudding Gang of NijiGen Vtuber Project. I will save the world!!!!

  • 29925 ID:57Amanohoshi Chiroru
    A sweet fairy from the sweets planet! I like eating and doing fun activities!

  • 29887 ID:19Komorimio
    AirLife original member. I chat, karaoke, and play different games on stream. Sometimes I answer anonymous marshmallows! I like to share funny trivial matters of my daily life. By the way, welcome to join me if you're masochist!

  • 29688 ID:6Lily Lunaire
    I'm Lily Lunaire! Friendly and rather shy android girl who's slowly trying to become more self confident in myself. Just because I'm an android doesn't mean I need to know how to use twitter or youtube!

  • 29931 ID:63Ikoi Momoa
    "An idol healer born and raised in a relax forest.
    My goal is to be the top idol and I'm also active as a healer!"

  • 29890 ID:22Mirika
    A devil who lurks in humans' spirits and travel between minds & dreams. Met the tarot card "15. The Devil" in the 14th century, then born in the Underworld to the power of desire. Now I'm just a devil enjoy tempting happy humans on the Internet.

  • 29701 ID:13Zora Takochii
    Hello there! I'm an octopus witch who loves music and video games! I like to hang out with my Cephalopals on stream and basically do whatever seems like fun! I hope you can join us~

  • 29908 ID:40Aili
    Hello everyone I'm Aili, a red panda! I often being recognized as a raccoon, but I'm not lol. I like singing, talking and playing games. I hope that I can make a lot of friends here and get some relief to my audience!

  • 29915 ID:47Kaze_imo
    We're siblings the potato devil Kaze Imo&the royal cat princess Aisha! We run the Demon Lord City Hotel. I'm a childish workaholic while my sister is innocent, playful&doesn't like to work. I usually play games&chat. I look forward to see you!

  • 29893 ID:25Asu Nana
    Hello everyone, my name is Asu Nana and I am from the future, which is the year is 2099.
    I usually sing and play guitar during my stream. Please feel free to come to my stream and have fun with me!

  • 29934 ID:66Mizuhane Sora
    A little lonely angel apprentice from the heaven. She is a lazy and slow-paced angel who is called a dame angel by those around her. Her dream is to become a great angel who can make many people smile.

  • 29691 ID:8Shirahiko
    I am Shirahiko.
    I am an English-speaking Vtuber from Germany!
    My streams are very chaotic but I am full of energy and I always try to make everyone have a great time!!

    I am a gamer... I play games... A LOT

  • 29933 ID:65Shiduki Sena
    I came from the Andromeda Galaxy from 2.5 million light years away and became a bishojo after I crashed with the space trash during my trip.
    Im in the process of recovering the scattered pieces of my planet with my singing voice! ✨​​

    I like to stream whenever I want and play games without thinking. Occasionally read messages and do karaokes. My hobby is giving my fans a stroke😘 Watch my stream and learn how to flirt with girls! Subscribe now to get more fun videos!

  • 29922 ID:54Hibiki Du Ca
    Yohoho Hey Beautiful!!! My name's Hibiki Du Ca - A god from NijiGen Vtuber Project. Come with me and let's eat Vietnamese Noodle!!

  • 29932 ID:64Hal Rayon Vert
    A fairy princess who fell from the forest of another world into the virtual world. She has learned about the existence of Vtubers and is trying to entertain everyone with her streams!

  • 29698 ID:11Violynce Adect
    Hello, my name is Violynce Adect and I play all sorts of games from PC, to consoles and even mobile games!

  • 29667 ID:1Ayu
    Hello! Ayu ready? My name's Ayu and I'm a demon princess who scaped from the under world since royalty duties are pretty boring...but for some reason I can't keep me real form in your world...will you help me get my powers back?

  • 29912 ID:44Sumi
    An ancient bat with unknown history, got her human form from the Alpha Vampire. She then settled in a far away castle and served her master. One day, the master left her in the castle and never came back so she set off on a journey in this world.

  • 29676 ID:2fabiusgold
    Hey, my name is Fabius aka fabiusgold. I'm a pretty small streamer with almost 300 followers now, but I'm happy about every new person who has fun with my streams

  • 29911 ID:43Fujinokuma
    My fans are called baby bears. I heard the pain inside baby bears around the world, so I moved to Taiwan hoping I can bring light to them who are lost and in pain. Mostly stream education, talk and gaming. Come share some fun like a family!

  • 29694 ID:9Shizukou
    Hello! I am a virtual panda from the UK. I like to play video games, eat tasty food, and sleep a lot! My favorite games include FPS, Open World, Party games, and Racing - I promise I'm a safe driver. I look forward to playing games with you!

  • 29926 ID:58Umitsuki Yuru
    Gentle jellyfish who get drifted away from the sea. I work at an aquarium and live with my cat!

  • 29894 ID:26nuanxing
    The gorgeous concerto "The Four Seasons" personified
    🎀Cute & lovely
    🎀Want to become the protagonist of a fairy tale
    🎀Love apricots, although have never tried one
    🎀Want to be an idol, but end up becoming a Vtuber.

  • 29904 ID:36KitsuKitsu
    I'm from Wolves Valley! I'm a naughty little fox that has accidentally traveled to the human world. My favorite is playing horror games. My content focuses on gaming, singing&chatting. It will be my privilege if you can come by and have fun!

  • 29899 ID:31Cynia
    My goal is to be a full-time Vtuber! I was born on 4/2. I'm an Aries and curious. I like ice cream and chocolate, play games and planning in fun activities like voice acting and 24hrs streaming challenges Feel free to come by and have fun~

  • 29898 ID:30Kanade Tofuya
    A stream of wind from a thousand years ago, turning into a human being after such a long journey to share its tales to the people. The encounter with Komori Mio inspires me to embark on my journey as a Vtuber.

  • 29885 ID:17Amaha Miko
    Hello! I am Amaha Miko, the genderless katana spirit created from the reforging of Ame no Habakiri. I play games, chat, and do karaoke on stream. I also stream with TilliLing from the planet of cat-bunny every week!

  • 29906 ID:38ciroisatou
    Hello! I'm ciroisatou from Taiwan. I am a block of sugar, which happened to transform into a Vtuber as the Confectioner dropped me while making marshmallows! I usually do gaming& chatting streams. Feel free to come by and ask for a candy!

  • 29892 ID:24Furica
    Furica, a leopard cat Vtuber who wants to publicize literature. Took the responsibility as a bookshop owner after mom passed away because of a car accident. Seems to think about money all the time, but in fact she has a strong will to literature

  • 29896 ID:28Rinnn
    A level 50, 500 year-old demon. Shy on the outside but wild on the inside. No mushrooms! No coriander! Don't touch my tail! Especially the last one, I'm serious! Welcome to join me on my stream and know more about each other!

  • 29883 ID:15Nayukivivy
    Hello, I'm Nayukivivy, a 2nd grader from Renewlive. Feel free to call me ViVy.
    I'm a joyful and warm snow leopard with charming smiles, cheerful laughter, a beautiful voice, and a fluffy tail.
    It's a pleasure to meet you! (ฅ´ω`ฅ)

  • 29929 ID:61Shirose Aoi
    Polar bear girl from the country of ice. I love singing and I like ice cream! I'm also emotional!

  • 29919 ID:51鳳梨不咬舌
    Pineapple has reincarnated into a human! I used to sit in a pineapple field and watch people come and go. After reincarnation, I want to study the human world more. I'm an inquisitive human world researcher. I hope my stream can cheer you up!

  • 29930 ID:62Sakuya Azusa
    In order to become a elite ninja, I came to the human world!. I'm a ninja fox who love a little harmless prank!

  • 29909 ID:41Leina Thalassa
    Hello land walkers! I’m Leina Thalassa from AuroraLive 1st generation!
    I’m an ancient siren from the abysmal sea."

  • 29927 ID:59Koinoya Mai
    Love witch from an isekai to eat your doki doki! Hey there, do you want to be eaten by me?

  • 29695 ID:10Théresa Blume
    Hello, my name is Thėresa Blume. I'm a babiniku Vtuber. I like playing games, especially together with my sister Lily Lunaire. I can speak a little bit of Japanese and German. I can also do some computer programming.

  • 29897 ID:29cunxiafeiyu
    A devil traveling to the human world for the Japanese mahjong contest, but ending up living with my human friends. My strengths: Japanese mahjong.
    Fixed schedule: (Fri) 2-5 pm Mahjong Soul + Gaming with viewers (3-ppl/4-ppl Japanese Mahj

  • 29689 ID:7Naikaze
    Nyaharooo~!! I'm Naikaze, but you can call me Nai. I'm a totally 100% normal human VTuber! I play a lot of games and do random stuff on my stream, like chatting and singing and reacting to videos. Come and hang out and have fun with me ❤

  • 29888 ID:20Yukichan
    Hello everyone. I am the angel Vtuber Yukichan from Taiwan, the heir of the third generation of the angel Vtuber and the creation angel Sally.

  • 29910 ID:42Vera Hydra
    I am individual vtuber, Vera Hydra. I used to be the Lernaean Hydra, but I was defeated by Heracles. In order to get back to the top, I was reincarnated as a new Hydra, and I came here to become a vtuber to collect the power of faith.

  • 29935 ID:67Hinotori Mera
    People say ""It's cool to be a legend!"" but I'm bored being a Phoenix!
    So I became a human! Why don't we have some fun together?

  • 29928 ID:60Hanakumo Rin
    Halo from the flower nation~ I'm a air-headed fairy to bring everyone joy and happiness!

  • 29918 ID:50Vanilla Nyoro
    After a few months of living in the Cloud Kingdom. She accidentally caught on fire and jumped into the sea. Even though she lost everything, her dream is not lost! With determination and perseverance, she set off from the blue sea again!

  • 29916 ID:48Choco
    Hi! I'm 2nd gen of ACGlive! I'm 5 yrs&84 months old, 148cm&36kg! My blood type is 45% choco, 35% sugar and 20% milk! I'm the cutest chocolate devil sister in everyone's family♥ I like Fall Guys&horror games, sing and turn all the bad guys into ja

  • 29886 ID:18Ikusen
    Hello! I am Vtuber Ikusen. I like to sing and learn Japanese. Aside from playing games and doing karaoke, I also like to chitchat with everybody on stream. I hope I can be the black cat that brings happiness to you!